Duo LED Lighted Large Vanity Mirror with Tunable Color Lights - THE KATHERINE

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Product Description:

The Duo LED Lighted Large Vanity Mirror with Tunable Color Lights - THE KATHARINE provides excellent task lighting and comes with LED lights in sidebars of the mirror. The vertical bars of light with adjustable, tunable light colors make the mirror ideal for illuminating bathrooms and vanity areas.

The lighted vanity mirror is perfect for use at any time of the day as it comes with adjustable light color that can be changed to soft, warm light during day time and can be adjusted to bright cool light when there is less natural light. The on/off motion sensor enables you to adjust the color temperature of the light with a single wave of the hand.


Twin Vertical LED Bars

The LED lighted vanity mirror comes with two vertical bars of light on sides with multiple light adjustment options makes it perfect for any bathroom. The brightness and color of the light of the tunable LED mirror can be adjusted depending on the lighting requirement of the area.

Motion Sensor

The lighted vanity mirror features on/off motion sensor below the lower right corner of the mirror for adjusting the color of the LED lights. The soft warm light for daytime and bright cool light when the natural light is dull, making it perfect for use during any time of the day.

31.6" X 23.7"
Viewing Area:  31.5″  X 20.75″ 

Magnification: 1X

Kelvin: 2,700 to 5,800

Power Control: Motion Sensor On/Off and Light Color Changing Switch

Electrical: Hardwired

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