Dual-Lit Large Vanity Mirror With Blue Wash - THE MODERNIST

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The  Dual-Lit Large Vanity Mirror With Blue Wall Wash - THE MODERNIST - is the vanity mirror that is perfect for your bathroom.  It provides a perfect frame of LED light for your appearance, a wash of quiet blue light on the wall behind the mirror–or both–all with just the touch of the on/off sensor on the face of the mirror.  Touch the sensor once and you get either warm white or cool white task lighting.  Do it again and the task lighting goes off and a wash of ambient, blue, light surrounds the edge of the mirror making it a perfect accent light.  A third touch of the sensor and you get both task lighting and ambient lighting.  The classic design is a beautiful compliment to any bathroom or vanity area. You will specify the task light color – either warm light color or cool light – by choosing the specific model number.



Size: 43
.3" X 27.63"
Viewing Area:  31.5″  X 20.75″ 

Magnification: 1X

Kelvin: 3,500 or 5,500

Power Control: Touch Sensor On/off Switch

Electrical: Hardwired

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